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Everybody say hi to my awesome Yakshed fellows: @moonglum and @codelater <3

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The 150 old Toots are probably gone for good, but all the followers are over here now. So welcome to the Yakshed! 🏠

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I should've switched back to Qutebrowser waaaaaay earlier.

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Don't forget to pirate all your media so you don't inevitably get screwed over by the very people you're paying

The complexity and love of detail in Bartosz Ciechanowski's in-depth visualisations continues to boggle the mind.

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Portfolio - an upcoming Pixelfed feature that allows users to create their own portfolio website that best represents them and their work.

No likes, comments or other social aspects. Just your content.

Hand pick a selection of public posts or use the most recent. Select a fixed width or full width layout. Choose a grid or masonry feed. Hide or show post captions, license, location, timestamp and the original post link.

Make it your own by customizing your settings! Shipping soon. #pixelfed

Gonna check back with HERE Maps in a few months, I guess.

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OH Due to budget constraints, we will only do the first part of "It gets worse, before it gets better."

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Wie sehr interessiert euch das Thema #fotografie ? Ich wurde in den letzten Tagen gefragt ob ich auch Kurse/Coaching anbiete. Bisher war ich da immer skeptisch, denke aber ich kann auch wertvolle Tipps geben.

Würdet ihr für einen solchen Kurs Geld ausgeben?

Grundkurs, Kameraeinstellungen, Bildstil finden, Bildbearbeitung, Street Fotografie, Technik, Hochzeitsfotografie, Veröffentlichung Bildband, Organisation einer Austellung, Studio Fotografie, Portraits…

Today I learned:

»The East African Federation (Swahili: Shirikisho la Afrika Mashariki) is a proposed political union of the six sovereign states of the East African Community – Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda – as a single federated sovereign state.«

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Auf den Tag 3 Jahre nachdem ich mich das erste mal bei Mastodon angemeldet habe ist es Zeit für eine #introduction

Ich bin eine Ziege.

Ich möchte mich bei dieser Gelegenheit bei all jenen bedanken, die mich hier so freundlich aufgenommen haben und bei denjenigen entschuldigen, denen ich auf die Hufe getreten bin.

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I have downloaded
the apes
that were in
the blockchain

and which
you were probably
hodling for gains

Forgive me
they were fungible
so bored
and so clickable

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