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Everybody say hi to my awesome Yakshed fellows: @moonglum and @codelater <3

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The 150 old Toots are probably gone for good, but all the followers are over here now. So welcome to the Yakshed! 🏠

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Wir brauchen binnen eines Jahres eine neue Unterkunft in Augsburg + 30KM. Mindestens vier Schlafzimmer und zwei Hunde müssen erlaubt sein.

Falls ihr etwas in die Richtung wisst, schreibt mir bitte!

Teilen erwünscht :-)

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Recipes including Kales or Spinach should come with measurements in m³.

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Wir haben jetzt eine deutschlandweite Impfquote von über 4% – damit offiziell mehr als beim Glasfaserausbau!! \o/

This is a work of art:

Map of my personal data infrastructure by beepb00p -

Times per day I type »gitalb«: approx. 7.5.

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Baked me some chocolate raspberry cake.

Writing and then abandoning Prometheus Exporters is the »Hello World« of the Golang folk.

I insist that this was a perfectly good use of my time.

Unicode Folk! Why is there ⦻ (Circle with superimposed x) but not a matching circle without the X? All the other circles I can find have different widths, strokes or base lines. Am I looking in the wrong tables?

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