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Everybody say hi to my awesome Yakshed fellows: @moonglum and @codelater <3

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The 150 old Toots are probably gone for good, but all the followers are over here now. So welcome to the Yakshed! 🏠

Found an old HTC phone in the drawer and decided to give it the LineageOS treatment before it goes off to eBay. Good 2010 vibes back when I rocked a different ROM every other week.

Amazingly LineageOS now comes with its own recovery image - so no more fiddling around with TWRP and the likes is necessary.

Finally fixed one of my last mu4e gripes:

Emacs will now compose the From: address from my catchall address the email was received at. \o/

Devices with an uneven number of batteries really grind my gears.

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Seit heute morgen gibt es exklusiv für den BfDI produzierte Bücher von Pixi zum Datenschutz für Kinder: / ÖA

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Yep, we can proudly announce the Codeberg Pages Server v2, now available to the public.

It comes with custom domains (!), serving from your different branches, repos and more.

Check it out at 💙

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Die #FAU #Berlin ruft ihre nach TV-L arbeitenden Mitglieder dazu auf, an den Warnstreiks des DGB in den nächsten Wochen teilzunehmen. Seid dabei!
#unverzichtbar #TVL #gewerkschaft #verdi #warnstreik #streik

I always have coconut milk stocked.
Except for when it's Saturday evening and I decided to make a quick curry. 💩

It's that time of the year again, where my watch will run low on battery since the few hours of sunlight won't suffice 😭

If you've got five minutes to spare, go for a ride with Beth Roars, reacting to Corey Taylor <3

Accidently taking pictures during a run lead to actually great results.

URLs used to be URLs used to be URLs.

But since ya cannot trust anyone on the internet these days, I better scrape the GIFs in my recipe collection before Gfycat kicks the bucket.

»Also, our goal is not to grow tremendously, cover every industry sector, or kill the competition.«

A refreshing interview with the Checkvist co-founders:

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@bascht a cat wrote this. And I know how they got into the account ...

TIL: Cat paws are conductive enough to trigger the Yubikey OTP generator. 🐱

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Nun gibt es eine Übersicht über unsere öffentlichen Plattformen, die von allen Lernenden und Lehrenden genutzt werden können.

Anfragen für Nutzung in Gruppen immer gerne per Mail; Selbstverwaltung wird es bald auch geben.


#twlz #twitterlehrerzimmer

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Ich suche eine/n Nachfolger*in für "meinen" Minijob:

Leichte #Admin Tätigkeit für einen gemeinnützigen Verein im Bereich der Flüchtlingshilfe im Ruhrgebiet.

Ca. 2-3 Stunden pro Woche, kann remote ausgeübt werden.

Gerne boosten. #job

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