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Everybody say hi to my awesome Yakshed fellows: @moonglum and @codelater <3

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The 150 old Toots are probably gone for good, but all the followers are over here now. So welcome to the Yakshed! 🏠

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YOU: so the A in RAID stands for "Array"?
US: Yes.
YOU: doesn't that mean saying "RAID array" is redundant?
US: Of course. That's what the R is for.

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War übrigens alles gut. Kein Fehlalarm, aber auch keine Reanimation und keine Hilfe mehr benötigt, der RTW war schon da und die Sanitäter waren erstaunt, dass doch ein paar Leute durch den Alarm vorbei kamen.

So sieht das auf dem Smartphone aus:

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Liebe Trötgemeinde,
die Instanz '''' hat momentan große Probleme.
Mastodon funktioniert gar nicht !
Frank ist aber dabei die Probleme zu lösen !
Frank bat mich euch das mitzuteilen !

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Ableism / ways people talk about prince Phillip 

Hey folks. Please consider that your jokes about a bad persons personal appearance only hurts others not them. Because it applies to Phillip.

Because I am sick and I will hopefully get old. I am on a medication that long term causes hair loss and skin discolouration.
I will likely look like that when I am an old man.

Prince Phillip is dead and won’t be affected by being called a ‘zombie’ and ‘rotting’. Older and younger people who are chronically ill or dying and look like that will.

He was evil because he was a racist facist piece of shit. Not because he looked sick and old.

Finally got around to clean up the RSS feeds on my site. You should now be able to subscribe to individual feeds or the complete firehose at /posts.

Individual post categories now have their own RSS / HTML feeds:

The fix was rather easy since all posts do have their own type:

»I would also recommend that this protocol is not needlessly stapled to the beached whale that is the web: maybe JSON can come, but if it’s served with HTTP polling to appease our Android overlords I will be very cross with you.« 😂

Reminder to regularly hit that »clear all notifications« button.

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It wouldn't be the Netherlands if there wasn't water management. I think the forest has about three different levels.

I like water and I like locks, especially the manually operated ones.

The marina in the last picture is a nice one,but hard to find. It shares a name with a marina a few hundred meters away, but unlike that one, this one doesn't have a website. It was featured in the movie amsterdammed however, it's the start of the speed boat scene.


Found the emoest of all emo song titles.

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