For a hot minute I thought that Mastodon finally supports i18n'ed Toots, but it's just the translation functionality of Fedilab.

This is still one of my pet peeves with the fediverse — I'd love to annotate Toots with their respective language, so I could start tooting on German and English in parallel.

Thank You for raising it –
#activitypub perfectly would fit it and it was a major takeout at #36c3 in a very english-centric web (and as an alternative to photos only), see

Funny enough that writeup is still in my read-it-later backlog. 😀

I could even imagine this going further so I could annotate Toots with distinct topics - say "@bascht/tech" or "@bascht/politics" so followers could pick or mute separate streams.

Creating multiple accounts for this would just be bothersome.

I think CW's are already used for this but imo it's not a good UX and doesn't serve the original purpose of having a CW on a Toot.

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