Took a few tries but I finally got running with the Amazfit GTS. This ain't half bad! \o/

I could even transfer past events into - the speed readings seem to be a bit off, but GPX and time seems to be fine. 😻

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Of course it'd be great to have Pebble style open hardware back, but at least I can have control over my data - which is a start, I guess. 😬

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@bascht my issue with it is that swim workouts are not exportable because they do not contain a GPX track. I've been meaning to look into the code to see if it's something easy to address but... A) nothings easier if you're not a real programmer B) I have to remember to look into it it when I'm not dripping wet at the pool. Oh, like now.

@signaleleven yes indeed. There are still a few rough edges. Speed seems to be recorded every few seconds.

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