»Why doesnt Docker run on Apple Silicon« is already an absolute clown car of a thread. I love it. 🍿

@bascht It's a glib answer, but isn't it also the long-term solution? Do we really expect to run x86 binaries and containers on non-x86 indefinitely? It's gonna take work to make the switch.

I had this same problem when I first used Docker on my RPi, and none of the images I wanted had ARMv7 builds.

@annika @bascht On top of that, it's also a question of the ecosystem around you. Just because you want to run ARMv7 doesn't mean anyone or anything around will or wants to, especially for on-prem systems and the laptop of your colleague .. Apple has been on this island before (PowerPC) and I don't see this turning out any other way when it comes to the professional compute market, unless Microsoft & friends are going to push compatibility layers

@annika yes absolutely. In the long run I expect way more ARM-ish images coming our way. But I think we're talking years, not months. And I already see arguments coming where developers will want to just use the NodeJS ARM build on their M1 notebooks.

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