If you needed scientific reasons to hate leaf blowers: here you go:

»running a leafblower for 30 minutes creates more emissions than driving a F-150 pickup truck 3800 miles. About one-third of the gasoline that goes into this sort of engine is spewed out, unburned, in an aerosol mixed with oil in the exhaust.«

@bascht so what you're saying is that leaf blowers can become ten times as cool if you just ignite their exhausts

@bascht "but it's so much easier than raking—" we all need to ask ourselves why we're so intent on maintaining giant patches of a relatively useless plant

Stop raking

let there be wildflowers and trees

the bees will thank us

@bascht if there's a support group for people living with their neighbors who run leaf blowers constantly, where do i sign up?

@bascht If you really need a leaf blower, get one of those electric ones that run off power tool batteries. If you already have power tools you don’t even need new batteries, and they’re way quieter

@bascht If that’s scientific then you will be able to provide reproducible sources restating that ‘running a leafblower for 30 minutes creates more emissions than driving a F-150 pickup truck 3800 miles.’ otherwise we can cherry pick studies showing that global warming is not man made and claim they are scientific.

@fudgel Not sure how yo u came to that »otherwise we can cherry pick studies« conclusion, but there is plenty research into pollution by two-stroke engines, e.g.

@bascht that’s not the point (linked paper states different thing). The point is that there’s not much about specific claim that ‘running a leafblower for 30 minutes creates more emissions than driving a F-150 pickup truck 3800 miles’. Where’s the source to verify? If that’s science then we must have a source to verify it otherwise it’s not science.

The fact that the article doesn’t link to sources is big red flag.

@fudgel I think the fact that it's the Atlantic and not the New Scientist should give readers enough hint's how my snarky hint about »scientific reasons to hate« should be understood. 🙂

@bascht plus leaf blowers can be electric, powered by wind, hydro or residential PV so generalizing against all leaf blowers is also misleading.
PS I don’t have a leaf blower and don’t like noisy neighborhood.

@bascht To follow up on this one: People are free to give contracts to remove leafs with the obligation to not use this kind of equipment.

Yes, they need to be banned by law. But also, we have to show that we don't want to pay for this kind of work.

Step up against what companies caring for the property you live in do.

Don't pay companies to do this to the environment we live in.

Weil es mir wichtig ist nocheinmal auf Deutsch:

Wer von den lauten, stinkenden, 2-Takt-Motor-dreckigen, staubigen Laubbläsern genervt ist, ist nicht hilflos:

Bei der eigenen Hausverwaltung darauf drängen, dass Dienstleister ihre Arbeit ohne #Laubbläser verrichten müssen.

Selbst keine Laubbläser bei der Auftragsvergabe zulassen.

Bei der eigenen Gemeinde über #Laubbläser im öffentlichen Raum und/oder Einsatz von Laubbläsern im öffentlichen Auftrag beschweren.

@bascht a pickup truck can't even go 3800miles on a single tank. Of course, they mean particulate exhaust and shit, but i think this is written unclearly for on purpose, to draw clicks.

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