@bascht It appears you are liquid cooling your bicycle, presumably for overclocking reasons.

@bascht Brake fluid change. Can be tricky to bleed all the air out. Mine worked okay once I laid the bike on the side when doing it 😃

@yngmar 💯 sadly things took a turn for the worse once I checked the calipers and noticed that I had oil leaking from one of the pistons. 😭

@bascht Avid Elixir? Mine did too. Turned out to be just a twisted o-ring. Easy fix.

@yngmar sadly no. Shimano XT, Full on broken piston. They are made of ceramics and somehow a small stone must've gotten under there.

@bascht Ouch, that sucks. I've got over hydraulic brakes on bicycles with my own experience as well. One step too far I think :)

Disc brakes are great but I'd prefer a mechanical one over hydraulic now. Just less fuss and easier to repair on the road.

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