@bascht What wonderful marvel of sophisticated coffee technology am I looking at here? :blobfoxfloofcofe:
Nevermind, just looked it up and it seems like you can order from their website...where did you get yours?


@totoroot :D Yip, Kamira. Bought it straight from their web shop and it took ~ 1 week to deliver from IT to DE. bascht.com/blog/2020/09/14/kam 🙂

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@bascht Nice, thanks for the info! I might have found my christmas gift :blobfoxaww:
Are the espressi as delicious as they look? Can you recommend getting one, seeing you've had it for a couple months now?

@totoroot (imho) it's definitely worth looking into if you're shopping in the <80€ realm. The machine is really well made and I didn't have any issues with it so far. Tastewise it's not at a level of an electrical espresso machine since it doesn't build up the same amount of pressure. Yet still I find it way better than from a moccapot. The crema was weird and foamy at first but I kinda like it now. So yes, would definitely buy again. :)

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