Bought new disks for the angle grinder and didn't notice that they're real thick bois. 😂

Might still keep them, in case I'll have to cut some rail road beams.

@philhoefer Ich hab auch voll Schiss dass mir das Ding um die Ohren fliegt wenn ich irgendwie falsch ansetze.

@philhoefer yo, der @LittleJoeMuc hatte den entscheidenden Hint. Ist ne Schruppscheibe. Vielleicht noch für Stein okay.

@philhoefer @bascht Stein oder Metall müsste drauf stehen oder farblich markiert.

@bascht Sir, can you please step away from the Eiffel tower, Sir?

@bascht they are called "Schruppscheibe" (don't know it in english). They are for grinding, and not really suitable for cutting because they are getting too hot then.

@LittleJoeMuc Oooooooh. That makes so much more sense now. I might actually have more use cases for that then, since the lawnmower blades are in dire need of a sharpening. 😁

@bascht because they are so thick, they shatter not so quickly while grinding - but they still can.

@yngmar OH FFS, I can't keep buying moar tools all the time!!! 😂

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