Set up a Windows PC and OH MY GOD THIS IS A HOT MESS.

@bascht It looks awful at first. But the closer you look, the worse it gets.

@yngmar @bascht There's a tool named "LoveWindowsAgain" for un-doing most Win11 stuff. And I think that's pretty accurately describing.

@vinzv @yngmar I can imagine it being alright if you know your way around Windows, but the setup experience was horrible. Assistant after assistant after assistant all trying to get you to sign up to some kind of subscription.

@bascht @yngmar I haven't touched windows thoroughly for decades now. But a colleague is quite into windows land. He told me with the win11 release, the pattern of stitching old and new things maniacally together is still there. It just went to a new shit level like with every new version since win7, 8, 8.1...

So, "knowing your way around" sound slightly like a Stockholm syndrome thing.

@vinzv @yngmar So, kinda like booting up a 2022 Linux Desktop and still seeing the X cursor for a split second. :D

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