End of an era: after ~ 15 years, I'm about to leave T-Mobile and give O2 another try. Popped a second SIM card into my phone and am already using it as the primary data provider.

@bascht my brother did it the other way, because he had very bad connection in his new flat. Now he is very happy with Congstar, and we got in total 80€ for recommendation.

@LittleJoeMuc yip, back when I was still commuting & consulting, I switched from O2 to T-Mobile and Congstar. Nowadays I rarely use more than 3-4 GB on the go and I'm okay with the cap at 50Mbits. I now pay 10 Euros for 6GB and get two SIM cards (one for my iPad) and the contract period is only 1 month. Can't complain 😄

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