Found some Sway fan art in the wild. Wind is blowing from the other direction though.

You don't get a lot of graphics glitches with Intel Linux drivers these days. But the ones you get with are spectacular.

After a lively discussion with @moonglum I got rid of my YouTube subscription in favour of invidio.us and proper RSS feeds. I've been test driving a few of my subscriptions and so far I couldn't be happier. No more endless recommendation rabbit holes. And offline support via Plex / youtube-dl. \o/

Looks like the thin Fedilab -> Pixelfed support broke again. 🚮

Thou shalt not dockerise Software that doesn't want to be dockerised.

This BMT album somehow went under my radar for one and a half years. ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

Keeping up with the latest drama is quite easy if you're administering a Mastodon instance.

Google Play Store is an absolute dumpster fire dot jpg.

> Dieser neue Aufbruch kommt nicht miteiner charismatischen Führungsfigur ander Spitze. Auch das ist Illusion. Der Aufbruch der zwanziger Jahre funktioniertüber politische Vertrauensfiguren, diedas Zentrum der aufbruchbereiten Gesellschaft abbilden, mehrheitsfähig machen und auf der Grundlage sozialökologischer Marktwirtschaft die verschiedenen Gesellschaftssysteme zielorientiertmoderieren und dadurch dynamisieren.


Apparently Germany leads Europe in IPv6 adoption but this goes against anything I experienced so far. 😮


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