Mildly interesting: my old paint trays formed a perfect mold from the old paint.

TIL the hard way: the only thing holding a DELL monitor together are a few plastic pins. The whole controller board seems to be only spot welded to the display 😮

High dynamic ranging so hard, that poor birds soul left its body.

Whatever baby the sign designer of Cologne Bonn Airport used as a model, it was quite the chungus.

Bought new disks for the angle grinder and didn't notice that they're real thick bois. 😂

Might still keep them, in case I'll have to cut some rail road beams.

Had Manti yesterday since we picked up a huge bag from the Turkish store a few weeks ago.

Spent a few hours on polishing scanberry UI and UX. Still needs lots of work in the configuration deparment, but it's doing it's job. \o/

Me a couple of hours ago: Uh. Let's try the 64bit arm build of nix to provision my Raspberry Pi.

Me now:

TIL: My Laptop & Monitor need a few minutes to "prewarm" to settle their power consumption at ~ 170 Watts down from a 220W peak when turned on in the morning.

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