I should specify that I am indeed searching for the logging software, not that Marvel dude.

Höllenmaschine v2

If everything goes to plan, this should land on bascht.com/posts with a proper image preview which can eventually be shared to the bird site via og:image.

If it doesn't go to plan, I can guarantee for nothing.


I could even transfer past events into - the speed readings seem to be a bit off, but GPX and time seems to be fine. 😻

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Took a few tries but I finally got running with the Amazfit GTS. This ain't half bad! \o/

Found some Sway fan art in the wild. Wind is blowing from the other direction though.

You don't get a lot of graphics glitches with Intel Linux drivers these days. But the ones you get with are spectacular.

After a lively discussion with @moonglum I got rid of my YouTube subscription in favour of invidio.us and proper RSS feeds. I've been test driving a few of my subscriptions and so far I couldn't be happier. No more endless recommendation rabbit holes. And offline support via Plex / youtube-dl. \o/

Looks like the thin Fedilab -> Pixelfed support broke again. 🚮

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