Gonna check back with HERE Maps in a few months, I guess.

Met this ginormous cat at the ALDI parking lot last week.

This is my new favourite place to shop.

Started building small stuff around the house, like shelves and cloth hangers. I can definitely
1) see the appeal of woodworking ♥️
2) understand the constant need to get more tools for all the different kinds of joints and angles 🤷‍♂️

Service-Toot: It's that time of the year again where I create fresh YYYY-MM folder structures in all of my document folders. It's any easy shell oneliner:

for month in 2022-{01..12}; do mkdir -p $month; done

Mildly interesting: Replaced the water outlet on my moccamaster and the new revision has tear drop shaped water holes.

Hej Fediverse! Boosts appreciated: My dear friend Dirk started to record his drawing-journey and you can follow him on Pixelfed or anywhere else in the Fediverse at:

Find all the existing art at: pixel.brettspielpony.de/daspon

and make sure to say hi! I'd be happy if this will gain some traction without Instagram or some other Monopo-Silo. <3

Found an old HTC phone in the drawer and decided to give it the LineageOS treatment before it goes off to eBay. Good 2010 vibes back when I rocked a different ROM every other week.

Amazingly LineageOS now comes with its own recovery image - so no more fiddling around with TWRP and the likes is necessary.

It's that time of the year again, where my watch will run low on battery since the few hours of sunlight won't suffice 😭

Accidently taking pictures during a run lead to actually great results.

URLs used to be URLs used to be URLs.

But since ya cannot trust anyone on the internet these days, I better scrape the GIFs in my recipe collection before Gfycat kicks the bucket.

Tell me you're running an SPA without telling me that you run an SPA.

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