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Winter fog + a few filters = dystopian Stalker-like pictures

That's after a good 2h of simmering. I'd normally restock and go on for about 5 hours, but I still have that good beef stock in storage. 😁

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One upside of the perpetual state of Lockdown: I learned to cook a halfway decent Phở.

If you see those bottles in a store: go pick them up, it's the best broth you can get for all kinds of soups or sauces.

Tuned into @aral's "Small web" – gotta love the setup of Computer <visualisations> Speaker. The camera setup is great, since it's not the regular "person talking to the camera above the screen" perspective, but rather a cozy "I'm sitting right next to him" vibe.

Still seeing some glitches here and there but you should be now able to follow me on @bascht for all things Pixelfed.

Turns out there are quite a few switches to play with.

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