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Quick first look was a relief since all the mechanics were still working. The culprit was a broken wire from the coil to the PCB which could be quickly resoldered.

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Disassembly was rather swift, but those tiny cogs are quite a challenge.

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Got an old Time Timer off of eBay. Marked as "defective" - for 5€. Those bad boys usually are sold in the 35-50€ range (even 2nd hand).


Caught this little eight legged fellow in our basement yesterday. Brought it out and tipped the glass over so it can scurry away.

Checked again this morning and it seems like it started to decorate its new house .


Better make sure you're battery is chock full if you're Signal call is longer than a few minutes. 😮

I'mma put Franzbrötchencreme on everything from now on.

If there's one brand in your life you put trust in, make it this one.

Demonstration round Stachus, Munich in support of safe passage and peace for

And in other firsts: I managed to blow the thermal fuse of my moccamaster, so it's gonna be manual pour-over until I figure out if I can fix the fuse or buy a replacement somewhere.

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