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Visually the new Firefox tabs are a real step backwards. This is like having one big line of mush without any separators. 💔

With the correct query interval you can get Prometheus to render some kick ass T-Shirt designs.

Ran out of Tortillas during Taco night and had to improvise.

Meet the Tacoissant!

Finally found some time to watch »Charité intensiv: Station 43« last night. Intense and really well produced documentary of the COVID19 winter from an ICUs perspective.

German only, but available with subtitles:

How in the fuck does DPD manage to always get my packages trampled upon. 😯

Just found out that one of my favourite YouTubers has a Gemini Capsule at gemini://

Me: This fucker has 126 Gigs of RAM. No way it is swapping.
Developers: Hold my heap!


Found the emoest of all emo song titles.

Those batteries my led lenser headlamp came with, really don't take the outdoors too well.

Don't need no filters with the right weather and a head lamp 🏃

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