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Your favourite (electronic or otherwise instrumental) online radio streams.


@moritzheiber come to think of it: *your* screenshot of my screenshot is _very_ misleading. 😛

Looks like the thin Fedilab -> Pixelfed support broke again. 🚮

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The second Ad-, Tracker- and Malwaredomains filtering DNS resolver (fdns2) is online. Please have a look for the details at

Thou shalt not dockerise Software that doesn't want to be dockerised.

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I’m slowly losing my will to have anything to do with this Borg-like corporation.

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Strickt hier zufällig jemand und kann mir vielleicht einen Tipp geben, wie das ohne den kleinen Finger funktionieren könnte?

Ich kann den aus Gründen nicht ordentlich belasten und komme daher nicht weiter als eine Maschenreihe am Tag. Und es macht dadurch auch nicht wirklich Spaß.

Boost: ✅

@moritzheiber @Gargron if it helps to purge stuck caches: I could update my avatar. 🙂

@moritzheiber @Gargron Well that is weird – I do get a totally different URL – maybe because @bascht moved to @bascht ?

@pasture Thank you for the taking the time to check! Appreciate it! 😃

@lauteshirn @vel the website has an amazing 2000's vibe to it. Definitely giving it a try! :D Thanks!

@pasture Oh nice - I didn't know that one could get something directly from MS. It looks a bit dated (last release ~ 10 years ago), but it should still work?

Anyone around with some practial experience? I'm searching for a simple backup solution for Windows 10 that I can recommend to a friend.

Nothing fancy, just the basic "plug in a USB hard drive and start to back up a few selected folders".

Any hints?

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