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@yngmar I might give them another try, but the vertical tabs really didn't work with my brain. :D

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"Isolation and silence are among the most common conditions for the politics of sexual shame. Autonomy requires more than civil liberties; It requires the circulation and accessibility of sexual knowledge, along with the public elaboration of a social world that can make less alienated relations possible. A public sexual culture is not just a civil liberty... but a good thing, and queer politics should make it a priority."

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Visually the new Firefox tabs are a real step backwards. This is like having one big line of mush without any separators. 💔

@leah Herrje. Okay. Hoffentlich werden die nicht von SF geschluckt. Ich hoffe dann mal auf die Loki announcements. 🤞

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Just a little sneak peek of a new #activitypub based project I'm working on

@aza_leah mir kam das immer verdammt früh vor, aber es war tatsächlich erst Juli. :D

@kubikpixel Wetter könnte noch bisschen besser performen :D

With the correct query interval you can get Prometheus to render some kick ass T-Shirt designs.

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ls track-{1..22}-*.mp3 > /dev/null # Show the files missing in a numeric sequence where the filename format is like track-12-something-that-changes.mp3. This counts on ls's error message output and throws away the normal output.

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