Swapped the ear cushions of my ol' trusty Sennheiser HD518 and they feel like a new pair of headphones <3

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link to Anti-Defamation League hate symbols database, :BoostOK: 


This is one of those links I think everyone ought to have, because if you can see a fuckhead coming you can take a much wider variety of steps to ensure the safety of yourself and your community.

Share as widely as you like, I'm turning notifications off.

I should specify that I am indeed searching for the logging software, not that Marvel dude.

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Don't fetishize the engineering ethos of megacorps like Google. Not just because they work at 1000x the scale you are, but just generally because their approach to software engineering SUCKS and is optimized to efficiently utilize 10,000 engineers rather than to efficiently produce good software

Höllenmaschine v2

If everything goes to plan, this should land on bascht.com/posts with a proper image preview which can eventually be shared to the bird site via og:image.

If it doesn't go to plan, I can guarantee for nothing.


Productive meeting of tonight. Finally got around to add proper h-entry attributes to bascht.com/posts thanks to @matthias and @Daniel \o/

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Reminder: Corporate Hackathons are spec work.

Enjoyed @sir's quick Git email workflow demo: spacepub.space/videos/watch/16

It'd be even greater if it'd be a dialogue where one could see the opposite side – e.g. a maintainer requesting a change to the patch.

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Pop Up Cross-Laufstrecke über parkende Autos in Prag

Der Künstler #BenedettoBufalino baut seit Jahren erfolgreich Installationen aus und mit Autos.
Die Arbeit ist nicht nur eine äußerst gelungen interaktive Kunstinstallation, sondern auch ein pointierter Kommentar zur anhaltenden Debatte über die Platzverteilung öffentlicher Räume und darüber, wie viel Raum dem Auto in der Stadt eingeräumt wird im Verhältnis zum Fußgänger.


Of course it'd be great to have Pebble style open hardware back, but at least I can have control over my data - which is a start, I guess. 😬

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We’ve reached 101 sponsors and we’re halfway to our first funding goal! Thank you to everyone who has signed up so far! github.com/sponsors/elementary

I could even transfer past events into - the speed readings seem to be a bit off, but GPX and time seems to be fine. 😻

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