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merz konservativismus arschlochigkeit 

Arschlochigkeit ist im Hause #Merz tradition.


It bothers me that Firefox switches back to Google as the main search engine if I set up a new computer.

Every other setting is synced.


Sometimes I forget about stuff I back on Indiegogo or Kickstarter.

Today I was in for a nice surprise.

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(Detail from the picture in the above Toot: there is now even a select box to change the suspend mode to "Linux" - somehow even Lenovo seems to acknowledge that people will run Non-Windows stuff on it) :D

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I've set up my new work computer (ThinkPad T14s / AMD) today and *everything* from webcam to the fingerprint reader worked out of the box - even in the live system. Linux has come a looooong way since the olden days.

Thanks to everyone working, debugging and testing on FLOSS <3

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@bascht Interesting! Looks like Turbolinks was split into two parts: Turbo and Strada. Really like it, because I only need the “Turbo” part.

Hotwire - HTML Over The Wire

This looks amazing.

SPA, but without the nasty parts.

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"Oh, yeah, I was meaning to fix all of these. thank you for your kind offer! I happen to be doing a BaschtCoin ICO very soon, and this will bring a lot of publicity (and money!) to my site.

I'm happy to pay in BaschtCoin, and since you'll get on this awesome easy-money train early, you'll end up getting plenty rich. Plus, think of the exposure!

When can you start?"

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Rutger Bregman stellt im Epilog seines Buches »Im Grunde gut – Eine neue Geschichte der Menschheit« zehn Lebensregeln dar, in denen er die Erkenntnisse des Buches auf eine Lebenseinstellung anwendet.

But since there's a real chance of rain tomorrow…

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