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Did I already recommend 'units', the unit-aware terminal calculator? 

For example, you want to know how long you could supply a 50 W, 230 V LED panel with a 24 Ah battery, which runs at 3.7 V:

$ units
You have: ((24 A*h)*3.7 V)/50W
You want: h
* 1.776
/ 0.5630

There, 1.7 hours, without any unit or prefix miscalculations on your part! And it also tells you when the units don't match, e.g:

$ units '50W/230V' USD
conformability error
0.2173913 A
1 US$
#opensource #FOSS

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Hallo Mastodon.

zerforschung ist eine freundliche Gruppe an Menschen, die Spaß daran haben, Technik auseinander zu nehmen um zu verstehen, wie diese funktioniert.

Bisher waren wir vorallem auf unserem Blog unter sowie auf Twitter als unterwegs.

#vorstellung #introductions #neuhier

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The fact that the DroidDevelopers had to use Googles own mailing list to announce that Google was blocking them, makes the issue even worse

Only a few more years before the Firefox location bar history will stop recommending me deprecated helm/charts GitHub repositories. 🤞

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where's the smol alternative to email

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A real and literal instance "I had no bread, so I used brioche". I approve!! 👨🏼‍🍳

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Yes, most WordPress sites are horribly bloated. That doesn't have to be the case though. Here's how I built my own WP theme that allows my homepage to be <100kb with only 4 HTTP requests. Yes, you can make a sustainable site with WordPress.

Ran out of Tortillas during Taco night and had to improvise.

Meet the Tacoissant!

Really put my own »Ugh, I'm so exhausted after a full 6 hours of work« into perspective.

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Finally found some time to watch »Charité intensiv: Station 43« last night. Intense and really well produced documentary of the COVID19 winter from an ICUs perspective.

German only, but available with subtitles:

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"Tesla is the number- one lithium- ion battery consumer in the world, purchasing them in high volumes from Panasonic and Samsung and repackaging them in its cars and home chargers. Tesla is estimated to use more than twenty-eight thousand tons of lithium hydroxide annually—half of the planet’s total consumption."

(from Atlas of AI)

Which is also a great occasion to finally catch up with's podcast. 🎧

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