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@support Hi there! Uploads don't seem to work in our instance. Could you look into it?

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Apparently there's an upcycling event in Germany, Cologne organized by the @fsfe on 2022-06-03 where one can learn a bit about postmarketOS among other things. The original fediverse post from @caos is here (not boosting since it's in German and this is an English account):

It sounds like a lot of fun and we wish everybody a great time there. If you live in the area, consider going! 馃懀

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Emacs happily using 18GB of memory.
Time to go to bed.

Eels' Daisies of the Galaxy came out TWENTYTWO YEARS AGO. 馃槺

Not sure how I got here, but here is a GitHub Wiki article about a DIY trackball kit that YOU HAVE TO RUB WITH TOOTHPASTE HOW AWESOME IS THAT


I think the 3.X release has changed my perception of Fish shell completely. It's way quicker and more responsive now. And it no longer insists on it's own syntax but instead accepts bashisms like &&.

It's great.

TIL: You can open the doors and move between the cars of the Tube. 馃槷

Should I go for another round of fish and chips before we board our flight back home?

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Any Berliners have leads on a 3-4zimmer apt for me and @tdfischer and our Katzen? 馃檹

It might just be that the Queen's jubilee is just around the corner but I have never ever seen London this tidy and clean.

High dynamic ranging so hard, that poor birds soul left its body.

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