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Sure, Google Maps might have superior navigation skills.
But with OpenStreetMap you make new friends along the way. 🐄

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Made Pancakes and managed to not fuck up the first one.
Ask me anything.

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Jobangebot DevOps, NixOS, Python, Sales, R&D; remote oder Halle 

Mein Arbeitgeber sucht neue Leute, insbesondere für Application Operations, Werkzeugentwicklung mit #Python für unsere eigene #NixOS Plattform auf eigener Hardware, oder Pflege von Infrastruktur und Plattform.
Ort: Remote oder flex-Büro in Halle

Auch der recht niedrigschwellige Bewerbungsprozess steht auf der Website.

@jobangebot #Jobangebot #Halle #remoteWork

Was wir tun im Folgepost->

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giraffes inherit their spots from their mothers according to some scientists. Karibu #Kenya

It boggles my mind that Nitter is able to load a tweet from Twitter, render it to solid HTML and send it back to me, while Twitter barely manages to do the same thing with it's shitty JS-frontend.

Vegan burgers in our Bulgarian table grill. Turned out really well. Nothing caught fire.

nginx friends!

How can I configure the timeout that the parent process gives it's workers to drain all open connections before the workers are shut down?

The default seems to be 20 seconds.

UNIX signal telling you to get into sewing: SIGQUILT.

Netdata is one of the few monitoring systems that consistently gets UX right. I love those little details:

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I've been using Emacs' pdf-tools to *look* at PDF files for a while now but only just noticed that I can *annotate* them as well 🤯

Mildly interesting: my old paint trays formed a perfect mold from the old paint.

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@bascht mit Daumen-dick ist nicht der flache Daumen gemeint :-D

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