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Eels' Daisies of the Galaxy came out TWENTYTWO YEARS AGO. 馃槺

Not sure how I got here, but here is a GitHub Wiki article about a DIY trackball kit that YOU HAVE TO RUB WITH TOOTHPASTE HOW AWESOME IS THAT


I think the 3.X release has changed my perception of Fish shell completely. It's way quicker and more responsive now. And it no longer insists on it's own syntax but instead accepts bashisms like &&.

It's great.

TIL: You can open the doors and move between the cars of the Tube. 馃槷

Should I go for another round of fish and chips before we board our flight back home?

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Any Berliners have leads on a 3-4zimmer apt for me and @tdfischer and our Katzen? 馃檹

It might just be that the Queen's jubilee is just around the corner but I have never ever seen London this tidy and clean.

High dynamic ranging so hard, that poor birds soul left its body.

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K枚ln: Polizei st眉rmt Autonomes Zentrum

Wegen eines Punkkonzertes kam in der Nacht zum 07.05. das Ordnungsamt mit Unterst眉tzung der Bereitschaftspolizei und belagerte das Autonome Zentrum an der Luxemburger Stra脽e.

Nach etwa einer Stunde staatlicher Provokationen und Gewaltandrohungen, st眉rmten die Beamt*innen das Eingangstor, durchsuchten das Gel盲nde nach Verantwortlichen und beschlagnahmten schlie脽lich mehrere Musikverst盲rker.

Die meisten der Besucher*innen konnten das Gel盲nde vorher verlassen und wurden von etwa 100 Unterst眉tzer*innen drau脽en empfangen. Von Festnahmen ist bisher nichts bekannt, aber der Ermittlungsausschuss wurde informiert.

Das AZ verhandelt zwar zur Zeit mit der Stadtverwaltung 眉ber einen alternativen Standort, da das Geb盲ude neben dem neuen Stadtarchiv abgerissen werden soll. Doch der neue Polizeipr盲sident will gegen眉ber diesem unkommerziellen Freiraum wohl mit harter Hand vorgehen.

Angesichts allgegenw盲rtiger Polizeibrutalit盲t, Kamera眉berwachung und Aufr眉stung der Streifenbeamt*innen mit Tasern ist also breite Solidarit盲t gefragt.

#repression #freiraeume #koeln

Whatever baby the sign designer of Cologne Bonn Airport used as a model, it was quite the chungus.

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@bascht you can do the fallback audio captcha all wrong, they don't even check

When presented with a Google captcha I make sure to at least submit 15% false positives because fuck them.

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Neutrality is a euphemism for complicity employed by the privileged.

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Rehman said the heatwave should be a wake-up call to the international community. 鈥淐limate and weather events are here to stay and will in fact only accelerate in their scale and intensity if global leaders don鈥檛 act now,鈥 she said.

I reviewed 22 merge requests today.
Ask me anything.

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馃憢 I am Bodo, Father of a 4-year-old, working as a Full-Stack Freelancer in Berlin.

I am a CODA, and I'm the admin of

Besides that, I have two other bigger side projects: and

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Today's recommended follows:

馃専 @dosgameclub - Podcast and site about MS-DOS PC games from the 80s and 90s, presented by @rnlf & @Tijn

馃専 @mailtape - Weekly new music mixtape from an international art collective, chosen by a guest curator each episode

馃専 @nixnada - Artist who often draws characters from popular fiction

馃専 @don_atoms - Guide to free open source software and privacy

馃専 @parents4future (in German) & @parents4future_se (in Swedish) - International campaign against global warming

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