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i like how people say to vote harder, but provide no instructions as to how one might vote out a supreme court justice

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MNT Pocket Reform is coming!

Here are all the technical details that are nailed down so far:

You can also sign up for email updates on the project at the end of the page.

Ana Dantas returned for industrial design. The snazzy 3D art was done by Philipp Broemme. Illustrations by Anri Hennies.

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Mit dem #TrueName Feature setzen wir uns dafür ein, Gleichberechtigung und Selbstbestimmung für alle Geschlechtsidentitäten zu ermöglichen. So kann jede*r eine Bezahlkarte mit dem Namen beantragen, mit dem man sich vorstellt. 🌈 #lgbtqia


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@bascht "Bei @moonglum gibt es nur Zen Minimalism oder full blown Hullabalooza mit RGB Maus. Keine Nuancen. 😂"

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Hi everyone!
It's time for a belated #introduction :)
I'm Judith, living in the south of Germany and I love photography, forests, building things (mostly on the web), and ruby.
I'm also an introvert and not used to posting on social media because I dislike all the tracking and analysis of data. But mastodon is different, so I'm hoping to find like-minded people here and good conversations about software development, linux, ruby, ...
Maybe also I'm going to post a picture or two. Let's see.

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oh no i made a theme again, this time for the fish shell

if you know me you know what this means: syntax highlighting with very few colors

anyway, linky:

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TIL that Mutt is already 25 years years old. AAAND: It's got an awwwwwsome birthday picture:

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🦊 Firefox Monoline ❤️

Out of procrastination, the day before my Political Philosophy exam, as if I had nothing better to do, I created 🦊 Firefox Monoline a tiny, simple, yet beautiful customization to the #Firefox #UI.

This customization has one unique purpose: everything in the toolbars is minimized to a single line.

Please, do share what you think!

For all of #Firefox intensive users as I am, I believe it is game-changing.


🧹 Remove clutter and make Firefox toolbar as essential as possible 🚀
🚗 Compact mode support
⚠️ Preserve icons and functionalities for which no ⌨️ keyboard shortcut exists
✅ Non-breaking implementation
💡 Do you have a suggestion? Share it here)!

Proudly hosted on Codeberg #codeberg @codeberg

GitHub mirror

Yesterday, I planted vegetables for the first time. Was a lot of work to prepare the ground, but so much fun <3 Looking forward to taste the potatoes.

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We can’t be more excited to share that... 🎉 PENPOT IS NOW BETA!🎉
We’ve made a microsite to tell you:

⚡ Why beta now
⚡ What makes Penpot ready for beta version
⚡ From launch to beta and beyond!

If you love it, your team will love it. ❤️

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"The major difference between a thing that might go wrong and a thing that cannot possibly go wrong is that when a thing that cannot possibly go wrong goes wrong it usually turns out to be impossible to get at and repair."

Douglas Adams

For our CaSE Poscast, I spoke with @aveltens about Solid. Really interesting approach to help solve some of the problems of the current web.

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Nicht vergessen, "Aktion Deutschland hilft" fördert über den Paritätischen auch die "Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiner e.V." und damit eurythmische Notfall-Waldorfpädagogik. #Anthroposophie #SchwurbelAlarm

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👋 I am Bodo, Father of a 4-year-old, working as a Full-Stack Freelancer in Berlin.

I am a CODA, and I'm the admin of

Besides that, I have two other bigger side projects: and

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@neauoire I'm sure the code for fucking up dates is complex, too

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Currently rescapeing my 30L Nano Cube. Switched to an external filter, added glassware, new lights, a CO2 tank and I fear in the end I will also switch to 60L :-)

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Nun noch Mal eine #introduction. Ich bin Philip, mag #opensource und #opendata, programmiere nur noch in der Freizeit etwas #Python, interessiert an #machinelearning, Kochen und Selbermachen. Lebe im Raum Düsseldorf und trage gerne zu #OpenStreetMap und anderen Projekten bei. #neuHier

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I‘m thinking about opening public registration on but yet I‘m not sure if I could meet your (the users) expectations 🤷🏼‍♂️

What do you expect from your #fediverse instance?

- Daily backups? ☑️ I even do daily off-location backups.
- Latest software? ☑️ I update to the latest Mastodon software within a few days after release.
- Proper moderation? 🤷🏼‍♂️No clue how much work that is but I‘d do my best.
- Run on a beefy data center machine? ❌ Runs at my home on a fibre connection.

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