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Very proud to have released the first chapters of „The Rails 6 Way“, the book I‘m writing with Obie and Tom <3 It is a lot of work, but that makes me even happier to have reached this milestone

“In my view everybody, if they stop to think about it, is an anarchist, except the people who are pathological. The core principle of anarchism, from its origins, has been that authority and domination and hegemony have a burden of proof to bear, they have to prove that they’re legitimate.” – Noam Chomsky

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The resurgence of plan9 usage is so fascinating to see!
I mained plan9port acme for a few years until I decided to give up earlier this year. I had come for the clean conceptual model but ended up having to maintain a fork of plan9port with patches to acme and devdraw, and a network of tools around acme including daemons that watched its events to run formatters and change indentation settings… and it had become too much for me to deal with.
Now I'm wondering whether 9front could work for me…

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Well, if you can trace the border just by looking at #EV #charging stations, that‘s SLIGHTLY embarrassing ☹️

There is still a long way for germany to catch up...

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Ich habe ein bisschen was darüber geschrieben wie man eine statisch generierte Seite bequem vom Tablet aus updaten kann :)

Der Blogpost wurde übrigens komplett auf dem Tablet geschrieben un deployt :)

#jekyll #github #actions

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Right now Redis makes a great cache, lossy message bus, and scratchpad, but you have to plan on data loss. Redis-Raft should hopefully change that by offering strict serializability, and from our testing, it looks like they're on track. Watch for GA next year!

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@sir I enjoyed your blog post about simplicity & accessibility a lot, thanks! I would add a tiny hint on the last code sample, though:
I would add a `<html lang="en">` to the document, this helps screen readers choose the right language to pronounce the content.

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It's probably time I stopped keeping this to myself.

More on this later, no doubt...

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Die #Phoniebox für mein Patenkind ist fertig und wird heute Nachmittag verschenkt. Ich hoffe sie gefällt ihm. 😃

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IPFS 0.5 is there!

"The primary focus of this release was on improving content routing. That is, advertising and finding content. To that end, this release heavily focuses on improving the DHT." [1]

I played a lot with #ipfs last year and even set up a personal blog on ipfs. At the end of the day I was a bit disappointed with loading times caused by content discovery.
The more am I thrilled to try out this new release :)

Very proud to have released the first chapters of „The Rails 6 Way“, the book I‘m writing with Obie and Tom <3 It is a lot of work, but that makes me even happier to have reached this milestone

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Many times, I've seen arguments made like this: "I'd try Mastodon, but I already have Twitter followers", or "I'd like to use OSM, but Google Maps has better data for my city", or, in my case, "I'd like to use, but GitHub has better discoverability".

Platforms for which popularity improves the utility of the service are skewed in favor of the incumbents. New platforms face a chicken-and-egg problem. You have to decide - will you help it, or exacerbate it? Those are the only two choices you have.

Don't let that cool new platform die in obscurity while you wait for it to become popular.

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Hab mir auf Kleinanzeigen ein günstiges Thinkpad #x230 geschossen um:

a) Bastelspaß zu haben (Display Panel tauschen, SSD einbauen)

b) Einen Test/Bastelrechner zu haben wo nur Open Source Software genutzt wird (Ausnahme: Treiber)

Würde gerne wissen wie es sich heute anfühlt rein Open Source zu leben für alltägliche Dinge wie:

Musik hören
Fotos verwalten
Fotos bearbeiten
Videos bearbeiten

Habt ihr da irgendwelche Seiten, Blogs oder andere Empfehlungen wo man sich da schlaulesen kann?

@aral I‘m following your Let‘s Encrypt journey here, sounds awesome :) One question about that: I usually put an nginx in front of my Node app for caching, load balancing (if applicable) and also TLS. I thought about removing that and put Node directly onto the Web. But the consequence is, that Node would need to run as root because it needs to listen on 80/443. What are your thoughts on that?

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I'm pleased to announce the latest @jepsen project: Elle, a black-box, linear-time checker for transactional (or single-key!) consistency models. I've been working on this with Peter Alvaro for over a year now, and I'm delighted to finally have it out the door.

Elle has been the secret behind most of the recent Jepsen analyses, and we believe its techniques represent a novel and useful contribution to the field.

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Listening to @mkhl reading a story on a Slack call, is one of the beautiful things at INNOQ <3

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Hey #fediverse!

Is there any appropriate alternative to Apple Photos or Google Photos for personal photo libraries?

Needed features:
* #storage on local #NAS
* #sync between devices
* app for #iOS
* keep only thumbnails on devices

How do you manage your photo libraries? I'm excited to know!

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